Radio, Television and Cinema

Radio, Television and Cinema department is about the production of the contents of programs related to radio, television and cinema, research-planning-implementation stages, effective management of the processes behind the camera and the adaptation of the theoretical knowledge acquired in this context to daily life. The main goal of the department is to discover the connections of social, artistic and economic developments with the field, and to give the individual the ability to analyze and interpret them in detail. The development of the society is directly proportional to the development and success of the mass media channels. For a successful communication, the content of the messages must be accurate, appropriate to the audience to be reached and the expectations of this audience. One of the most important goals of the Radio, Television and Cinema department can be expressed as art. The presentation of the expressions varying according to the context of perception, understanding and expression of the main text of the publications, the main text to be conveyed to the audience should be in an aesthetic form. The 21st century, which is called the aesthetic century, is a period that gives importance to the elements that contain art and design elements. Radio, Television and Cinema department is based on art and design elements.



This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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