Board of Discipline


  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet DURMAN - Rector
  • Prof. Dr. Selahattin KURU - Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Prof. Dr. Bengisu BAYRAK SHAHMIRI - Dean, Faculty of Art and Design
  • Prof. Dr. Mansur BEYAZYÜREK – Deputy Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Muammer Mustafa ERDOĞDU– Dean, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Ezgi UZEL AYDINOCAK – Member Elected by the University Senate
  • Prof. Dr. Pınar Seden MERAL – Member Elected by the University Senate
  • Prof. Dr. Birsen TALAY KEŞOĞLU - Member Elected by the University Senate

This content was updated on 15/05/2024.


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