Digital Game Design

The Digital Game Design Department offers a curriculum that allows students to develop skills in all areas of game development, including game development, computer programming, and visual design. The program mainly focuses on game creation. With the development of computer games, mobile platforms and internet technologies, it is now an indispensable entertainment of today's individuals.

Students studying in the Department of Digital Game Design learn key components of games, both dramatic and narrative development, visual and audio synthesis, special effects and performance capture, programming and development, interface and interaction, both in theory and skill with faculty experts across the university. Throughout their studies at Beykoz University, students will work on single and group-based projects that give them the opportunity to gain various game development skills. Students will also work on interdisciplinary and collaborative activities and designs in parallel with effective, engaging and well-functioning game development experience in different teams.

After graduating from the Digital Game Design department, students can work in different fields and different tasks in the game industry, such as game designer, programmer, visual designer and game maker.



This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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