Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design; is a design discipline expressed as the ability to produce and implement projects in interior design. The demand for indoor and environmental arrangements is increasing day by day with the developing technology, socio-cultural and economic structure. Therefore, interior designers have the opportunity to work in different fields such as construction and furniture sector as well as corporate and individual designs.

Beykoz University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, in the arrangement of interior spaces that appeal to user needs in various fields; adopts an education understanding based on ergonomic and aesthetically creative ideas. In the human-space-environment triangle, it offers solutions to designs taking into account the national and international contemporary design trends. While making these suggestions; in addition to taking advantage of past cultural accumulation, it shapes design ideas with an interdisciplinary approach that is compatible with the developing technology of the age.

Our department aims to train environmentally sensitive interior designers and environmental designers by creating a student-oriented work platform with its competent staff. Our department, which adopts a different and high-quality education approach, will include competitions and excursions in the field of culture, art and design with its theoretical and professional practices and various workshops.



This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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