Aviation Management

Purpose of the Program:

With the growth of the international market and liberalization of those markets, operating in wide geographies increases the importance of airline transportation. The aviation industry is a developing sector in terms of increasing capacity with the technological developments on a global scale and the increasing number of passengers. With the arrangements made between the years 2003-2018 in civil aviation, it was realized an average annual growth of around 5% in the world aviation sector, and it appears that this rate is around 15% in Turkey. While the employment in the aviation sector in our country was around 65 thousand in 2003, it has exceeded 196 thousand as of the end of 2019. In the last twelve years, the total turnover of the sector has increased by 12 times from $ 2.2 billion to $ 25 billion.

It was seen that significant improvements in terms of passenger and flight traffic in the aviation industry took place in Turkey in recent years. If we would like to examine the airplane traffic, we can see that the number of domestic flights, which was 374 thousand in 2003, was around 1.500.000 in 2017. Accordingly, the number of passengers, which was 34 million in 2003, exceeded 193 million in 2017. The number of passengers coming and going to Istanbul only by air is 102 million in 2017. Similarly, the amount of cargo transported by air from Turkey in 2017 reached 1,256,224 tons.

Among the 2023 targets of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation; there is to increase the number of passenger aircraft in Turkey to at least 750 which is currently around 515, to reach 350 million in the number of passengers from 200 million, the opening of new airports, increasing the points to be arrived at home and abroad, to be a maintenance center for aircraft in Turkey and to make our own aircraft.

In this context, in addition to 56 Airports which are currently open to civil air traffic in Turkey, with 150 million annual passenger capacity will be one of the largest airports in the world, the first unit of the Istanbul Airport was put into service in 2018. On the other hand, Repair and Overhaul Center

(HABOM) was opened in Sabiha Gökçen International Airport which makes Turkey a major aircraft maintenance center in the world, serves three continents, and provides 11 aircraft aviation maintenance simultaneously. 

THY which is the flag carrier company of our country is now an airline that flies to the most countries and destinations (124 countries and 318 destinations) in the world, and our other airlines reach over 100 destinations in dozens of countries.

Parallel to this development of Airlines and besides renewal of terminal building of airports in Turkey, TAV company has become a global brand in the terminal construction and operation of the airports and is currently operating airports in 17 different countries and in 76 different airports with ground handling companies such as ÇELEBİ and HAVAŞ expanding their services in five countries in 38 airports, and catering companies providing food to planes such as DO&CO does the same in many countries. As it is seen, the aviation industry is developing rapidly both within the country and the companies in the aviation industry have an international structure and continue their activities in many important parts of the world. In order to keep up with these rapid developments, the number of private airline companies, fleet capacities and infrastructure facilities should be increased. In order to overcome any problems encountered in the sector, qualified personnel are required at every stage of the activities.

Beykoz University Aviation Management bachelor program is a 4-year program and accepts students with EA (equal weight) score type. Beykoz University Aviation Management bachelor program aims to bring qualified employees needed by the sector to the sector, to provide scientific and academic contribution to the aviation management field, as well as to provide qualified educational content and environment for young people who want to take part in this field.

Graduates' Fields of Work: Students graduating with the title of "Aviation Manager and / or Aviation Management Specialist" can work at state and private organizations operating in the aviation industry, airline transportation, airline management, airport management, catering and ground services, aviation safety and security, and in one of the areas providing passenger services and aircraft maintenance services, and are responsible for the efficient management of airports and terminals, ensuring that passengers travel safely and comfortably.



This content was updated on 26/05/2020.


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