Cartoon and Animation

Cartoon and Animation department; is one of the departments that appeals to the visual and auditory senses, can offer many different techniques and interdisciplinary environments, combine these created environments and carries different traces from each of the art branches. With the increasing importance of digital platforms today, the concept of animation has reached different dimensions and opportunities to produce different types of animation content have emerged.

In the first applications of the Cartoon and Animation department, it is observed that the studies of preparing two or three dimensional movies are heavily taking place. Today, in addition to these studies, cartoon and animation applications are encountered in many areas such as architectural visualization, digital games, medical presentations, preparing advertisement content, and producing content for cinema films.

The main purpose of this department at the Faculty of Art and Design of Beykoz University is to offer an interdisciplinary learning environment in interaction with other departments that can be associated with Cartoon and Animation applications such as Digital Game Design, Graphic Design and Communication Design and New Media, Radio-Television-Cinema, Advertising, and to create new and original products.



This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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