From the Head of Architecture Department

Leading architects designing the living spaces of the future and forming the future of our cities

The ever-evolving technology, the increasing importance of the natural environment, and the constant change of needs lead to a constant change in the way of life of people. Continuous solutions must be produced for new living spaces required by the changing lifestyle. That's what architects do. Architects directly shape the living space and environment of man. Therefore, the importance of architecture, which is one of the oldest professions, is increasing day by day.

Architecture is of special importance for our country. There is a need for architects who will find solutions for problems such as immigration to the city and crowding of cities, poverty of our cities in terms of urban living areas, urban transformation and earthquake preparation.

The architects who will be trained in this period should have a broad perspective not only for the architectural discipline itself, but also to create sustainable solutions that respect the nature.

In Beykoz University Department of Architecture, we provide our students with a project-oriented and active learning-based education approach, as well as a solid architectural foundation necessary for a successful career, as well as foreign language, communication and teamwork skills, able to grasp problems in all aspects, follow innovations and improve themselves, ethics. We aim to train as architects with values ​​and social and social responsibility awareness.

Our students spend one semester of the program in the workplace, thus starting their business life one step ahead.

With our flexible program structure, richness of elective courses, minor and double major programs, we enable our students to develop themselves in the direction they want.

Beykoz University Architecture Department opens its doors to its first students in 2018-2019 academic year.

Dear young people, We invite you to choose the Department of Architecture of Beykoz University to take your place among the leading architects who design the living spaces of the future and shape the future of our cities.


Asts. Prof. Tayibe Seyman Güray

Head of Architecture Department

This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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