Information Security Technology

Purpose of the Program
Every day more and more information is processed, put into service, moved and archived in digital environments. Information security is to ensure confidentiality by preventing unauthorized access to information, to protect the integrity and accuracy of information without corruption, and to allow accessibility at any time. Information security is an area that includes many concepts such as technology (software and hardware), human, process, method and methodology and is increasingly important for the information world.

Institutions or organizations need a workforce that can use the right technologies for the right purpose and in the right way in order to profit, create added value, create competition and ensure corporate sustainability.
The main purpose of the Information Security Technology Program of Beykoz University is to train qualified and well-equipped professionals who can meet the needs of institutions and organizations operating in all fields, especially in the fields of information technologies, information security and computer programming, with both theoretical and practical skills.

Information Security Technology Program, which is a 2-year associate degree program, accepts students with TYT score. Program students learn with the 3 + 1 Model. With this model, our students complete competency courses, core courses, professional field specialization courses in 3 semesters of 4 semesters, which are the duration of the program, and in the last 1 semester they receive practical training in the sector enterprises.
If graduated students succeed in the Vertical Transfer Exam, they can transfer to 4-year bachelor programs of universities or complete their bachelor degree education at a university abroad.

Working Areas of Graduates

With the development of social media tools, searching for all kinds of information online, states, governments, banks and other institutions that need security verification have led to the search for employees on this issue. To design, develop, organize or repair simple software programs in the institution where he / she works; they regulate both hardware failures and software errors, realize the information exchange in a healthier way and the security architecture of information systems. For this reason, they will be able to find employment opportunities in every institution or company where information systems are used.



This content was updated on 07/12/2020.


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