Computer Programming

Purpose of the Program
Beykoz University Computer Programming is an Associate Degree Program within Beykoz Vocational School. With its strong academic staff, the program focuses on new technologies and technological developments, and aims to provide graduates who can understand the structure of computer systems and solve problems with computers.

Computer Programming Program, which is a 2-year associate degree program, accepts students with TYT score. Program students learn with the 3 + 1 Model. With this model, our students complete competency courses, core courses, professional field specialization courses in 3 semesters of 4 semesters, which are the duration of the program, and in the last 1 semester they receive practical training in the sector enterprises.

If the graduated students succeed in the Vertical Transfer Exam, they can transfer to the 4-year bachelor programs of the universities or complete their bachelor education at a university abroad.

Working Areas of Graduates
Computer Programming graduates can work in the software departments of institutions, including companies that use technology and produce technological products, or government institutions, or they can establish their own business.

They can work as a computer programmer, computer technician, web designer, web programmer, technical staff, network staff, database developer and system-network technician in government institutions and private sector, or they can establish their own business.



This content was updated on 07/12/2020.


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