Industrial Engineering (English)

Industrial Processes and Engineering

In today's world, industrial production, especially industrial production of high value-added products, is carried out within the framework of value chains that include many enterprises of an international nature. This results in production processes in each production unit becoming more dependent on external parameters. In addition, the technological integrity, which is most commonly called “Industry 4.0”, has increased the automation level of production processes much more than before, and production has therefore turned into a process that is designed and carried out within the framework of the engineering discipline and is carried out by machines.

In addition to all these, the world economy has become much more uncertain over the last decade than before. Contrary to the "globalization" period, cracks are forming in the world economy with the intensifying competition of large capital groups and national interests; These cracks create additional risks that need to be managed, especially for companies in international value chains.

Industrial Engineering, as a discipline, gains great importance in this environment. Profitable management and management of production in value chains, which remain both integrated and contradictory systems at the same time, requires combining the engineering discipline and management qualifications.

Who is an Industrial Engineer?

In today's competitive environment, the methods used to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and profit rates in industry, information and infrastructure systems are gaining importance in all engineering branches with an increasing speed. Industrial Engineering emphasizes the importance of managerial knowledge and skills in engineering education, and therefore the curriculum of the program is designed to train graduates who will design, organize, improve and manage integrated and complex systems including human, material, capital, energy, information and technology. In addition, the goal is to provide the students with the knowledge, skills and skills necessary for the comprehension, design and implementation of management systems to be used in increasing productivity and efficiency in these systems, and to acquire complex engineering and managerial knowledge in the development of solutions for production, product development and service delivery.

What Does an Industrial Engineer Do?

Industrial Engineers design, establish, develop and manage complex systems that produce goods and services, including human, material, machinery, capital, information, energy and technology components, with an integrated perspective.

Where does an Industrial Engineer Work?

Industrial Engineers can work in every field from production of all kinds of goods and services to telecommunications, from banking to health, from transportation to energy, from brand management to tourism, from education to consultancy, from logistics to software.

Industrial Engineering Education

The duration of Industrial Engineering education is four years. In the first year of education, basic courses such as physics, mathematics, computer programming are given. In the following years, the students take the basic and applied areas courses for Industrial Engineering. Beykoz University Industrial Engineering undergraduate curriculum includes the following courses:

• Physics and Mathematics (Differential and Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability Theory and Statistics)

• Programming

• Economy

• Statistics

• Management and organization

• Management Accounting

• Cost accounting

• Human Resources Management

• Marketing

• Finance

• Production management

• Quality management

• Project management

• System Analysis

• Management information systems

• Operations research

• E-Commerce

• Business law

The program also includes elective courses.

Many of the courses in the Industrial Engineering program are shared with the business engineering program. Compared to the management engineering program, the Industrial Engineering program also includes engineering courses such as basic engineering courses, programming, information systems, operations research.

The reason why Industrial Engineering is presented as a separate program from business engineering and business management is that there is a greater need for an engineering approach in the increasingly complex business field today.

Common Courses in the First Year of Engineering Programs

The first years of engineering programs at Beykoz University are common except for one course, in other words, they consist of the same courses. The partnership of the first year provides the student with the opportunity to transfer to other programs if they wish without losing the course credits at the end of their first year. Thus, the student who is not satisfied with the choice he made before starting the university can transfer to another engineering department without losing time.

The shared first class of engineering programs also facilitates for students to do minor and double major engineering programs.

Competency Development Program

Today, the business world expects university graduates to enter business life with some critical competencies as well as sufficient theoretical knowledge in their fields. With the "Competence Development Program" of our university, we aim to ensure that our students graduate with 14 fundamental and managerial competencies demanded by the 21st century business world, as well as relevant field knowledge. Thus, our engineers and architects graduating from our faculty step into the business world equipped with the critical basic and managerial competencies they have gained during their education, as well as their field knowledge, and therefore start their careers with a great advantage.

Internship and Working at Workplace

As far as Industrial Engineering education is concerned, internship and working at a workplace are important. Beykoz University education model is based on an undergraduate education of four years (eight semesters) with the last semester including working in a workplace operating in the field of education. This allows the student to start his career a step ahead of others.

English as Language of Instruction

It is important for Industrial Engineers to know English in order to keep themselves up to date with the developments in their profession, to work for international companies and to communicate with their colleagues and companies abroad. Therefore, Beykoz University Industrial Engineering program is in English.

Diploma and Title Received with Industrial Engineering Education

Those who successfully complete their education are awarded the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Diploma and the title of Industrial Engineer.

MSc and PhD

Those who study Industrial Engineering can continue their education at the master's and doctorate levels. Those who have a master's degree receive the title of Master Engineer. Doctoral students become researchers and academics. It is possible to specialize in various fields of Industrial Engineering at master's and doctoral levels.

Working Environments of Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineers tend to work as a team and in collaboration with other teams in a solution-oriented fashion and their working areas are usually the office environment where production processes are managed.

How Much do Industrial Engineers Make?

As in every profession, the money Industrial Engineers make varies according to the job, the institution, the nature of the work, work experience and similar criteria. However, Industrial Engineers generally earn higher wages compared to most of the other occupations.

Where Does an Industrial Engineer Work?

Industrial Engineers can work in business analysis, system design, human resources, marketing and sales, procurement, foreign trade, e-commerce and in many other areas. 


This content was updated on 29/03/2022.


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