From the Head of Logistics Management (English) Department

Dear Students,

Logistics; has become a global competitive factor that businesses cannot give up. Moreover, besides the transportation we know as the most important activity of logistics for years, we are talking about a range of logistics services ranging from stock and warehouse management to value added services such as packaging, labeling, and handling. All businesses that take part in the distribution channel of goods, services and information flowing from the supplier to the final consumer must be managed in a planned manner within the common goals and cooperation, which is what we call the supply chain. Our country, on the other hand, is on the way to become the most important logistics base of the region thanks to its growing foreign trade volume, geographical superiority and legal reforms and infrastructure works that have accelerated in recent years. The biggest need of our country, which has such a potential in the field of logistics, is the logistics professionals who will serve the logistics profession and are equipped with modern knowledge.

In order to raise individuals who will shape the development of the promising logistics sector of our country, we aim to provide you with a good logistics education in English within the Faculty of Business and Administration of our university. In this context, primarily in order to form the basis of logistics management training, we provide you with basic business administration; however, courses are offered in the field of logistics for you to have professional equipment. In addition, in order to contribute to your personal and social development; we also include courses, activities related to leadership, behavioral sciences, communication, entrepreneurship, culture, art and sports in our program.

Logistics is not just a profession that can be learned by reading. For this reason, we believe in the principle of "learn by doing" in our department, and as we value theory, we strive to create opportunities for implementation and to develop a vision that will keep up with a rapidly changing world with an innovative perspective.

Finally, with the principle of “Education is not a preparation for life education is life itself” which forms the basis of our university as well; we invite you to a future where you will learn to "learn".



Head of Logistics Management

This content was updated on 27/04/2020.


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