From Head of Communication Design and New Media Department

Dear Students, Dear Young People,

Communication is an extremely important and essential requirement for self-expression, to understand and be understood, providing information, creating public opinion, persuasion, and creating behavior change. This basic requirement is essential not only for people, but also for surviving groups, organizations, masses and societies. Communication, which is a phenomenon that connects complex, dynamic and different fields and creates interaction, is a challenging process that must be designed and managed correctly.

The changing political, social, economic and technological structure of the 21st century has created new business environments that require different disciplines to come together and work together. With the effect of rapid changes and developments in information technologies, interpersonal and inter-institutional communication styles, communication approaches and communication tools have also differed. In such a dynamic and competitive business environment, individuals, communities, institutions and brands have to design and correctly manage the communication process in order to maintain their existence, to communicate effectively with their environment. In an environment where the design and management of the communication process has gained importance, the communication sector also needs communication experts who have received interdisciplinary training, developed synthesis skills, equipped, innovative and able to evaluate and manage events from different perspectives.

Our Communication Design and New Media Department designed in this direction has the goal to train professionals who will make a difference in communication design and management with their creative perspective and professional equipment who combine the theoretical knowledge obtained from the disciplines of communication design and management with practical knowledge, combining the fields of communication design, advertising, public relations and management that interact with each other.

Our graduates can work as an entrepreneur in the field of public relations and advertising, as well as by working in sub and high level positions such as public relations specialist, ad designer, communication manager, media analyst, social media specialist, reputation manager, political communication specialist, besides they can find job opportunities in sectors such as media, fashion, graphic design, entertainment design and management, event design and management, advertising, public relations, visual design and they can also work in the departments of institutions in different sectors such as communication, advertisement, public relations and media relations.

The education language of our Communication Design and New Media Department is Turkish and English preparation is optional. The main advantage of the department for our students is that it gathers versatile individuals with a holistic point of view, who grasp the fields of communication design and management together, follow the developments in the communication industry, are interested in design areas and can design, who have advanced management skills, have strong entrepreneurial direction. Apart from these, it is a department that will be advantageous in terms of providing students with opportunities such as meeting with the business world, accessing international environments, showing their success through competitions, exhibitions, festivals, conducting field work, and designing and producing projects for digital and traditional media.

May all of you be open and have a lot of wind.

Prof. Dr. Pınar Seden MERAL

This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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