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My dear student candidate friends, I am trying to explain Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics and the logistics sector. If you are interested in the field of logistics, I find it useful to know what kind of world awaits you. I hope this information will be useful for you while making your plans for your profession and future.

As long as the life of human beings continues, the logistics sector is a sector that will grow gradually. Because a logistic is a breath, when it stops, its absence is felt. I think you are aware of how much the concept of logistics has been used in recent years. According to experts, one of the 5 developing sectors of the world is logistics. For this reason, the need for qualified people is increasing. Based on this need, Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics, which started education in 2008, has graduated approximately 3000 graduates in the sector in 8 years. Approximately 80% of its graduates are employed in the sector.

In our school, education and training activities continue with programs covering 6 sub-fields related to logistics. These are; Maritime and Port Management, Foreign Trade, Rail Systems Management, Logistics, Civil Aviation Transport Management, Civil Aviation Cabin Services. Education in a foreign language is important, as our programs have an international character. In Turkish programs, our students can take one-year English preparatory education if they wish.
Our Vocational School is a thematic higher education institution, as I tried to express above, and we try to graduate our students by directly targeting some sectors. Developments in this sector will be effective in your decision.
Our friends who are interested in the Logistics program should know that new working areas are emerging rapidly in the logistics sector.

  • E-commerce volume is growing steadily.
  • The concept of urban logistics is developing.
  • The Logistics Master Plan entered into force in 2018.
  • The number of logistics centers is gradually increasing.
  • The 3rd airport and intermodal transportation infrastructure will provide a new dynamism to the sector.

If you choose the Maritime and Port Management Program, you will be able to be a part of the large maritime industry with 33 different sub-areas. Because:

  • 87% of the world trade is carried out by sea transportation.
    Bosphorus is one of the 5 largest supply centers in the world. Ship supply companies provide services for provisions, fuel and consumables.
  • More than three times the passage of ships through the Turkish Straits as the Suez and Panama canals; there is an obligation to use an agency for each ship.
  • One-fifth share of the world insurance exchange is in marine insurances.
  • Structuring the appropriate port on Turkey's export target still continues.
  • The largest port investments of the Mediterranean are made with 15 line stops.
    In marine tourism, significant incentives are given to marina investments.
  • Chain marina investments continue for the Aegean and Mediterranean regions.
  • Turkey is placed in the top 5 in the world shipbuilding industry.

If you consider choosing Foreign Trade Programs, it is useful to know that there are the following changes in the foreign trade sector. In foreign trade in the last fifteen years;

Total foreign trade volume increased from 72 billion dollars to 341 billion dollars. The increase is 370%.
Exports increased from 41 billion dollars to 199 billion dollars and the increase rate is 380%. Istanbul alone realizes 77 billion dollars of this.

  • Our exports make up 23% of our Gross Domestic Product.
    The number of exporter companies increased from 29 thousand to 65 thousand. 33 thousand of them are in Istanbul.
  • There is a rapid transformation in the sector waiting for our friends to study in Rail Systems Management.
    While Turkey’s cities are aiming for the goals of 2023 which are equipped with the subway lines, inter-city journeys will take place with a greater number of high-speed train lines and available to be developed.
  • Rail link in many logistics park projects is expected to be established in Turkey.

With the liberalization law, logistics enterprises will be able to carry out their own transport on the railway lines they will rent.

  • These developments will increase the need for qualified personnel in enterprises.
  • I think the growth in the Aviation industry does not go unnoticed by all of you.
  • In the field of aviation, Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets.
  • It is being discussed that the number of aircraft will increase from 350 to 750 in 10 years.
  • Hundreds of destinations will be reached at home and abroad.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nesli ÇANKIRI
Beykoz University Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics Director

This content was updated on 04/12/2020.


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