Dean's Message

Dear young people, dear students,

Welcome to Beykoz University Art and Design Faculty!

According to most theorists, from Edgar Morin to Umberto Eco, the 21st Century has been a century of health and good sense in all respects with its  new business environments, political, social, economic and technological structure, where different disciplines come together and require working together. In a dynamic and competitive structure, individuals, communities and institutions are obliged to shape and correctly manage the communication process with all branches of art and design in order to survive and interact with their environment.

Faculty of Art and Design which was established in line with business-science-art life requirements, accepts students to its departments of Cartoon and Animation, Graphic Design (Special Ability), Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Public Relations and Advertising, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Digital Game Design, Communication Design and New Media.

The communication technology of our age, which is developing rapidly, will lead to the renewal of many basic concepts with its accessible hardware and software that has become a language that can be used by the masses in the field of art and design, and will lead the necessity of reconstructing the future with new concepts. The aim of the Faculty of Art and Design, structured with this in mind, will ensure that the young people who will be trained in their field will be professionals who will make a difference. The faculty's understanding of education and training is conscious in an actuary / ethical context, which is equipped with the awareness and ability to follow the changes and transformations in the 21st century, equipped with the awareness and ability to adopt an innovative approach, embracing the awareness of self-development with science, art and culture in daily and embracing the world. It is based on ensuring that individuals who have adopted the understanding that will contribute to their society and their country, are included in the society.

Beyond Homo Sapiens, it is a faculty that will respond to the demands of the 21st century Homo Aesteticus (Aesthetic / Beautiful Sense Person) and Homo Ludicus (Game-Entertainment Person), to educate and learn young people at a level that can respond using the real and virtual world-specific language. The Faculty of Art and Design will undoubtedly be a faculty that will lead the profession and science fields of today and the future.

The University offers a generic sample to its students. The university creates a lifestyle; illuminates your way in configuring your lifestyle today and in the future. With this awareness, our aim as the Faculty of Art and Design with an understanding of education that informs, teaches and entertains; to raise young people who know their past, fit their time and shape their future, and gain the ability to mark their century.

As John Dewey puts it, "education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” I welcome you to your new life and I embrace you all with love.

Prof. Dr. Bengisu BAYRAK SHAHMIRI 


Dean, Faculty of Art and Design, Beykoz University

This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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