Public Relations and Advertising

Public Relations and Advertising

Public Relations and Advertising are among the most demanded professions among the sectors with increasing value. The sustainability and growth of businesses operating in open and competitive economies is directly related to how successful they are in dealing with their target audiences and to what extent they can introduce themselves. In economies where competition is intense, businesses have had to focus on differentiation strategies. The differentiation strategy is the main reason behind the branding process. To gain the admiration and loyalty of stakeholders, to create a personal and emotional bond with their target audiences, has become one of the most important goals of individuals or even countries. Branding is necessary not only for businesses that offer products and services, but also for all kinds of structures and formations that need the support of the target audience.

The purpose of Beykoz University Public Relations and Advertising Department, designed in line with the needs of the sector, is to train professionals who will make a difference in public relations and advertising by bringing together the fields of public relations, advertising, marketing and management that interact with each other. The education approach of the Public Relations and Advertising Department The education approach of the Public Relations and Advertising Department is based on rasing individuals who has the consciousness and ability to follow and manage the changes and transformations in business, social and cultural life, equipped with knowledge that can overcome the responsibility of work, can express itself well in writing and verbally, innovative, investigative who respect their work ethics and who are beneficial for their country. country.

Considering the number of organizations that want to protect their presence in the national and international arena; the importance of specializing in public relations and advertising and the need for specialists to work in this field can be better understood. Graduates of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising can work as an entrepreneur in the field of public relations and advertising, as well as by working in sub and high level positions such as public relations specialist, ad designer, communication manager, media analyst, social media specialist, reputation manager, political communication specialist, they can find jobs in sectors such as media, event design and management, and communication. They can also work in the departments of institutions in different sectors such as communication, advertisement, public relations and media relations.



This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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