Graphic Design

Graphic design is defined as a discipline that provides communication with the target audience through visual and text. Graphic design is art. The graphic designer is the person who conveys his message clearly with an aesthetic point of view. The content of the department within the Faculty of Art and Design was created in order to give original works within the scope of artistic values, to follow the developments in the academic dimension and to contribute original works in order to contribute to the development of the field. While the education approach of the graphic design department aims to develop students' competencies, it also includes the value given to subjects such as business ethics and responsibility towards the society.

In graphic design, being able to bring creativity to the fore can only be achieved with a strong academic staff and a student-oriented education. Theoretical knowledge is aimed to provide students with the ability to think in multiple ways by integrating with the application and to prepare them for the business world.



This content was updated on 28/04/2020.


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