Rail Systems Management

Purpose of the Program

In order to reach the target of Turkey for the year of 2023 shown as 500 billion dollars of export figures and the way to create costs that are competitive with the world, will be the suitability of transportation costs. This opportunity will only be able to be provided by railway transportation, which has the capacity to carry large quantities of goods. As a result of the initiatives that have turned into a new railway mobilization in recent years, the railway construction in our country, which declines from 134 km to 18 km per year, has reached 135 km per year. On the other hand, in terms of applications in urban logistics; in Istanbul, which is among the most crowded cities in the world, public transportation is emphasized to solve the transportation problem. The introduction of secondary systems integrated with the main rail system lines, lower capacity subways, light subways, trams, monorail-air rails, funicular and other simple systems are on the agenda of the relevant institutions. With the development of rail systems, the need for qualified workforce in this field has increased and continues to increase.
The Rail Systems Management program is equipped with the economic, administrative and communicative skills that can respond to the intermediate level personnel needs in the business segment of railway transportation; will be able to put their skills to the service of the society and the sector in the national and international environment in today's society, which has become increasingly multicultural with the effect of globalization; their ability to adapt to change, make decisions and solve problems and learn is advanced; aims to raise entrepreneurial individuals.

Rail Systems Management, which is a 2-year associate degree program, accepts students with TYT score. Program students study with the 3 + 1 Model. With this model, our students complete competency courses, core courses, professional field specialization courses in 3 semesters of 4 semesters, which are the duration of the program, and in the last 1 semester they receive practical training in the sector enterprises.

If the graduates are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam, they can transfer to the 4-year bachelor programs of the universities or complete their bachelor degree education at a university abroad.

Working Areas of Graduates
In the related institutions of the graduates where urban and intercity rail systems are used extensively; there are opportunities to work in railway operations departments of the rail transport industry.


This content was updated on 04/12/2020.


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