Civil Aviation Cabin Services

Purpose of the Program
Developments and regulations in the civil aviation sector encourage more and more airline companies to join the civil aviation sector. Parallel to these developments, passenger transport by airline; domestic and international flights and destinations are increasing rapidly. The program aims to meet the demand for trained cabin service personnel required by companies in the sector. It is aimed to train staff who have knowledge about the civil aviation industry, its relationship with other sectors and international civil aviation organizations and rules, flight attendant duties and responsibilities, flight service, normal safety procedures, crew resource management (CRM), passenger relations, emergency rules, first aid. Special conditions required by the cabin services profession will be sought for student admission to the program. The relevant articles of the guideline should be examined in the selection phase.

Civil Aviation Cabin Services, a 2-year associate degree program, accepts students with TYT score. Program students learn with the 3 + 1 Model. With this model, our students complete competency courses, core courses, professional field specialization courses in 3 semesters of 4 semesters, which are the duration of the program, and in the last 1 semester they receive practical training in the sector enterprises.

If the graduates are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam, they can transfer to the 4-year bachelor programs of the universities or complete their bachelor degree education at a university abroad.
In the Civil Aviation Cabin Services program, our students are given four hours of language training per week for the Dyned English language exam system applied by Turkish Airlines during recruitment. With this training, it is aimed that our students will be successful during their recruitment as flight attendants after graduation.

Working Areas of Graduates
General directorates of airline companies, private airline companies carrying domestic and international passengers, foreign airline companies, all kinds of companies and companies related to civil aviation.



This content was updated on 04/12/2020.


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