E-Trade & Marketing

Goal of the Program:

Along with the widespread use of the internet and digital technologies all over the world, changes in all areas of life have also manifested themselves both in business life and in the world of commerce too. Due to digitalization, retail trade is transformed into e-commerce in a coordinated way. The share of e-commerce in retail sales worldwide is increasing and is estimated to reach 22% in 2023. According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, the total e-commerce volume in Turkey in the first six months of 2020 was 91.7 billion TL. The growth in the sector amounted to 64% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Today, businesses operating in the e-commerce sector keep investing further in technological infrastructure activities to meet the needs of users over the internet. The increase in the access to frequently used institutions such as shopping, education, health and banks through the internet infrastructures shows that there is an oncoming technological revolution ahead and it also implies that living conditions and business life especially will be restructured accordingly. Owing to the COVID-19 global epidemic, a rapid trend towards digital environments has occurred in the world as well as in our country. It is obvious that e-commerce platforms established because of the popularity of digitalization are growing fast in the market.

Parallel to these developments, e-commerce remains a rapidly growing career field. E-commerce contributes to the exports of countries in addition to the improvement of their macroeconomic indicators. According to the Development of E-Commerce, Crossing Borders and New Norms Report, while the average ratio of online retail versus total retail in developed countries stands at 11.1%, this ratio is only 5.9% for developing countries. In Turkey, this rate is the same as the average of developing countries with 5.3% in 2018. This shows that for the development of the e-commerce ecosystem in Turkey, the young population should be guided to professions that offer education in this field.

The large population in Turkey, the high rate of use of the internet and mobile channels, the developments in logistics and payment systems, the high rate of young population contribute to the development of the e-commerce ecosystem especially when coupled with the easy and rapid adaptation of this young population to new technologies. Needless to say, e-commerce not only shapes the existing employment and occupation structures, but also contributes positively to the development of countries.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, graduates of the E-Commerce and Marketing program are expected to meet the qualified workforce demand from the industry. The aim of the E-Commerce and Marketing program is to meet the need for expert staff trained in this field, as a result of the rapid growth in the sector in recent years.

E- Trade & Marketing Program Students;

• Comprehend the basic concepts of electronic commerce and marketing.

• Use the administrative knowledge required by digitalization.

• Analyse the necessary information to keep up with the technological, commercial, cultural and social conjuncture.

• Apply the theoretical knowledge learned by working in business life for a semester.

• Gain at a basic level the competencies developed in line with the expectations of the business world as well as the society and which are defined as the institutional outputs of our university.

Where does an E- Trade & Marketing Specialist work?

Students who graduate from the e-commerce and marketing program can work:

• in companies dealing with e-commerce

• in advertising and digital agencies

• in various fields as e-commerce specialists, digital marketing specialists, social media specialists, content and SEO analysts, multi-channel (omnichannel) analysts, social media managers and mobile advertising managers owing to the increasing effect of e-commerce over many other sectors including retailing, finance, logistics, health, industry and telecommunication.

E- Trade & Marketing Training

The duration of E-Commerce and Marketing education is two years because it is an associate degree program. Beykoz University E-Commerce and Marketing associate degree program includes the following courses:

• General Economy

• Basic Concepts in E-Commerce

• Digital Marketing Communication and Strategies

• Business Administration

• Logistics Management

• Marketing management

• Web design

• Mobile Marketing

• Supply chain management

• International trade

• Search Engine Optimization

• Electronic trade

• International marketing

• Current Issues in E-Commerce and Marketing

• Big Data

• Project management

• Social Media and Content Marketing

Applied Training in the Workplace (Internship)

Within the framework of the 3+1 education model we implement at our university, in all our associate and undergraduate education programs, students receive at least one semester (14 weeks) of Applied Training (Internship) in the relevant sector enterprises. In this context, there are cooperation protocols within the scope of Applied Training (Internship) in the Workplace with many institutions and organizations that our university increases every year.

Competency Development Program

Today, the business world expects university graduates to enter business life with some critical competencies as well as theoretical knowledge in their fields. With the "Competence Development Program" of our university, we seek to graduate our students with 14 basic and managerial competencies required by the 21st century business world, as well as their field knowledge. Thus, graduates of Beykoz Logistics Vocational School enter the business world with the critical basic and managerial competencies they have gained during their education life, as well as their field knowledge, and they start their careers with a great advantage.


This content was updated on 29/03/2022.


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