Directorate of Student Affairs

The main purpose of the Directorate of Student Affairs is to ensure the complete, accurate and regular planning and execution of all transactions of the students from the admission, registration process to their graduation, on the basis of the relevant legislation and regulations, and to ensure coordination with the academic and administrative units.

Pursuant to the article 31 of the Decree Law on Higher Education Institutions and Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions, the duties of the Student Affairs Directorate are as follows:

  1. To do the necessary work related to students' new registration, admission and course status,
  2. To carry out graduation, identity, scholarship, monitoring of graduates,
  3. To perform other similar tasks to be assigned.

Other duties;

  • Preparation and publication of the academic calendar draft,
  • Creating and archiving student files,
  • Performing record deletion, dismissal and freeze recordings,
  • Preparation of information and statistics requested from institutions such as HEC, OSYM, KYK,
  • Preparation of documents such as Student Certificate, Transcript and Student Status Certificate, etc.,
  • Preparation of reports consisting student information,
  • Execution of course schedule changes and entry to the system,
  • Implementation of education and training decisions and announcement to those concerned,
  • Conducting foreign student transactions,
  • Receiving and transferring of internal transfer applications within and between institutions,
  • Conducting double major and minor operations,
  • Receiving and conducting special and guest student applications,
  • Preparation of course and exam programs,
  • Conducting Summer School procedures,
  • Conducting internship procedures,
  • Preparation and submission of graduation certificate, diploma and diploma supplement to the graduating students and honor, high honor and Europass documents,
  • Student discipline penalties to be recorded in the relevant systems and the necessary correspondence.
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 159)


Senior Specialist                                                                                           
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 156)


+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 152)


+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 155)


Hatice Büşra KUZU YAZAN
Assistant Specialist                                                                                        
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 160)


Mustafa SERÇE
Assistant Specialist                                                                                            
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 163)


This content was updated on 30/05/2024.


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