Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance Directorate

Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance Directorate is in charge of preparing, updating, renewing the strategic plan and carrying on coordination works; assuring involvement of representatives from other departments of the administration during preparation of strategic plan; coordinating preparation and amendment of performance program; establishing an internal control system; working on implementation and improvement of its standards and informing the senior management about the outcomes of these processes.

Thanks to the quality assurance approach adopted by our university, we value recording and assessment of results related to achievement of long term goals. An observable, measurable and auditable system is targeted for all administrative and academic processes.

According to these strategic plan studies, all strategic purposes and goals as well as related sub processes shall be defined under these main processes. In addition to this, our university’s education and training approach is based on 5 fundamental principles. These 5 principles that “create a difference” on high education are; unique education and training model, customized teaching and support, learning by experience, use of advanced technology and internationalization.

The duties of the directorate of strategy development are performed within the scope of following functions:

a) Strategic management and strategic planning.

  • Determining vision and mission.
  • Setting corporate and individual goals.
  • Data analysis and research – development

b) Development of performance and quality criterion

Developing performance and quality criteria on issues covered by the administration’s scope of authority and performing other duties to be assigned within this scope.

c) Management information system.

Improving services with the administrative management and collecting, analyzing and interpreting information and data about the performances

d) Control mechanism

Establishing an internal control system, working on implementing and development of standards.

Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance Directorate
Deputy Director Rüveyda AYDIN

This content was updated on 15/05/2024.


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