Prospective Student Affairs Directorate

Beykoz University Prospective Student Relations Directorate is responsible for communicating with institutions and organizations that the institution has established or benefited from establishing, especially educational institutions.

Beykoz University Prospective Student Relations Directorate; as the window of the institution opening to the outside world, it aims to carry out studies on the correct promotion of the institution, creating a positive image on the target audience and increasing its preferability.

In line with this purpose, it carries out studies that will enable its collaborations with various groups, institutions, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations to reach the target audience suitable for Beykoz University's mission, vision and core values.

If we list the studies carried out with the relevant institutions, primarily; In line with the fields of expertise of the academic and administrative staff of our institution, within the scope of the institutional staff and intercity and intercity mutual institution visits, in terms of content, personal development, motivation, vocational information and preference consultancy, seminars, panels, conferences, conversations, etc. and apart from this, it consists of participation in the city and outside city fair organizations especially with educational content.

It aims at establishing efficient relations and maintaining collaborations in order to carry out relations with people and institutions that will contribute positively to Beykoz University in the framework of mutual understanding and trust, to receive support from relevant institutions in necessary studies and to support them.

Prospective Student Relations Directorate

This content was updated on 15/05/2024.


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