Financial Affairs Directorate

The Directorate of Financial Affairs is the unit that assures efficient use of financial and monetary resources so that services and activities can be performed in a cost efficient and effective manner. The Directorate of Financial Affairs is in charge of preparing income and cost budget draft of the University based on planning and program principles and it aims to assure efficiency and effectiveness of financial and monetary management by working in coordination with other academic and administrative departments.

This department is in charge of all processes related to Financing, Budget and Accounting.

The primary activities of the Directorate of Financial Affairs can be listed as follows:

Financial Management

This process includes planning, management, reporting and audit of the university’s yearly budget.

Accounting Management

The Directorate of Financial Affairs keeps accounting records of all transactions related to the university’s income and expenses. It is in charge of submitting tax, social security institution and such other statutory declarations as well as accrual and payment formalities. This department prepares the balance sheet and profit/loss account statements of the university.

Cash Management

The function covers formalities such as collections from the students, all goods and service procurements of the university and making necessary payments and making banking transactions.


This function mainly covers the reports required by the Higher Education Institution as well a budget management, cash management and financial analysis reports submitted to the rectorship and board of trustees. These reports state the levels of performing activities based on predetermined financial and monetary plan and objectives.

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