Corporate Communication Directorate

The primary goal of Directorate of Corporate Communication and Publicity is to increase recognition, popularity of the university and to provide complete and accurate information about our university to the target audiences.

The directorate carries on all necessary works related to this purposes in a manner providing positive impact on the corporate identity, image and prestige of the university and it determines, prepares all kinds of promotional materials that will support these efforts.

Accordingly, the primary activities of the Directorate of Corporate Communication and Publicity can be listed as follows

  • Promoting our university and its educational services; carrying on promotion, advertisement and announcement works on visual, audial, printed and electronic channels for informing and persuading the target audiences,
  • Cooperating and organizing joint events with various groups, institutions, educational institutions and civil society organizations; organizing promotional visits to provide continuous flow of information for the target audiences; designing social responsibility projects that will contribute to its surroundings, education sector and logistics sector,
  • Correcting and improving wrong – incomplete - negative information and opinions created or to be created about the university; sharing our institutional works, innovations and developments with the public; keeping in touch with all kinds of national or local media organizations to give complete and accurate information to the target audiences about the goals and educational services of the university; organizing visits and exchanging information and news,
  • Promoting the university on scientific and academic platforms in parallel to the university’s goals and objectives; holding ceremonies and meetings pursuant to the legislations; organizing events, fairs,       seminars, symposiums, sessions and such other activities within the university and on other platforms,
  • Improving recognition and popularity of the university before internal and external target audiences and public; assuring these target audiences are informed about the in-house activities and developments; publishing in-house periodicals for sharing sector developments and scientific / academic articles with the target audiences,
  • Identifying required printed, written, visual and audial promotional materials that will support all communication works; creating, publishing, having created, supplying and having prepared contents.
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext. : 132)


+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 128)


Kerem Harun KİRAZ
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 131)


Graphic Designer/ Assistant Specialist                                                                                    
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 36)


Recep KAYA
Graphic Designer/ Assistant Specialist                                                                                                 
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 130)

This content was updated on 30/05/2024.


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