IT Directorate

The Directorate of Information Technologies is responsible for supporting students, academicians and administrative staff and for managing, planning all informatics activities on all matters that involve technological infrastructure and information resources available for assuring a modern education environment. This Directorate is also in charge of informatics activities such as technical support, data processing activities, servers, software, internet, intranet, e-mail as well as planning and supplying information sources, installing and managing security systems, planning and presenting electronic resources.


  • Planning, structuring and assuring functionality of the university’s local network and internet connections,
  • Taking security measures against viruses and cyber-crimes; keeping necessary records of data flow against any probable crime,    
  • Assuring that servers are up to date and functional,
  • Assuring establishment of server system room, its functionality within standard values and taking measures against fire, natural disasters, flooding and electrical malfunctions,
  • Assuring regular back-up of data by using back-up technologies,      
  • Making sure that users have updated and functional computers,      
  • Making sure that printer systems are operational so that all users can print out documents,
  • Assuring that the website is up and running,
  • Providing e-mail, web and such other internet services to all users,      
  • Making sure that electronic bulletins are updated and operational,
  • Responding to all kinds of computer malfunctions and technical support requests,
  • Meeting all kinds of software needs of the university by using internal and external resources

E-mail Address Rules

  • Owner of an e-mail address is personally responsible for all kinds of transactions to be made with e-mail “user” name.
  • Beykoz University Directorate of Information Technologies is not responsible for information, messages and files to be lost and / or received incomplete, sent to a wrong address while using the e-mail service.
  • The user hereby agrees that s/he solely owns the right of service and s/he shall solely have the user name and password required for using this right.
  • The user cannot keep pornographic images, animation, video etc. on his / her account and give links to websites with such contents.
  • The user cannot use the account for commercial and profit oriented purposes. The user cannot send (SPAM) e-mail to a large group of users for advertisement, promotion, announcement and such other purposes.      

E-mail Address Confidentiality Principles

  • A person with an e-mail address from Beykoz University shall have a “user name” to be assigned by the Directorate of Information Technologies and a “password” to be chosen by the user. The username format shall be “namesurname” for all personnel and student.
  • The “password” shall be only known by the user. The user can change the password whenever required. The user is solely responsible for selecting and protecting the password. The Information Technologies Directorate of Beykoz University shall not be responsible for problems arising from use of password under any circumstances.
IT Directorate
Director Emrah TOSUN

This content was updated on 15/05/2024.


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