Health, Culture and Sports

Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports is in charge of organizing all sports, social and cultural events for our university students. It prepares projects for improvement of such services. It coordinates student clubs with consulting academicians assigned to the student clubs organized for this purpose and enables our students to create social projects through socio-cultural works, and it plans, organizes activities in the fields that amuse and interest them.

Furthermore, this directorate supervises existing service quality, hygiene, competency, price and other aspects of basic necessities of our students such as accommodation, nutrition and transportation. This Directorate is also in charge of Guidance and Psychological Counseling services as well as medico-social services.

The primary activities of the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports can be listed as follows:

  • Carrying out services related to health affairs and treatments of the students and personnel,
  • Assuring coordination of student activities, student clubs, civic involvement project and providing representation opportunities to the students (student representative, participation to the boards and decisions etc.),
  • Coordinating actions and activities to be performed pursuant to the Student Council Regulation,
  • Organizing activities to meeting sportive, cultural and social needs of the students and staff,
  • Performing audit and competency works on accommodation, nutrition and transportation issues,
  • Organizing school sports teams and their activities

This content was updated on 15/02/2018.


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