Corporate Social Responsibility Unit

Beykoz University Corporate Social Responsibility Unit was established on 10.10.2018;

  • To develop and implement corporate social responsibility projects with its employees and students,
  • Mobilizing groups and individuals on social good to tackle social issues and to shape potential collaborations of sectors and higher education institutions
  • To develop social responsibility awareness among high school students by making collaborations with National Education Directorates and Guidance Research Centers and to make relevant students project implementer.
  • To establish regional university sector networks aiming at civil participation
  • This unit which was established to collect a national social service network with the aim to produce a benefit organized by the leadership of this network is the first unit established between higher education institutions in Turkey.


Beykoz University Corporate Social Responsibility Unit believes in the community of higher education institutions in the society they live in, believes in the benefit of social service studies built on research and education, continues its activities in this direction, and within this framework, it will be an organization that provides the private sector-university-national education-society cycle.


Beykoz University Corporate Social Responsibility Unit believes that higher education institutions have roles in social service and aims to strengthen their social responsibilities, take an activist role in this field, be a role model, and create social benefits by establishing sectoral collaborations.

Lect. Oğuzhan ÇAÇAMER
+90 216 912 22 52 (ext.: 159)

This content was updated on 30/05/2024.


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