Accounting and Auditing (Without Thesis)


The main objective of the program is to train managers and professionals who are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of accounting and auditing for today's and future's global, dynamic business world, who can think systematically and analytically, who can continuously improve themselves and solve problems. In addition, it is also crucial to create the necessary ground for researchers and practitioners with scientific thinking and creative potential in line with the needs and development of the sector.

This program, which aims to appeal to employees working in national and international private sector organizations, those employed in the public sector and academics, aims to bring managerial knowledge and skills to the forefront, taking into account factors such as globalization phenomenon, institutionalization, reliability and transparency.

One of the most important functions of the program is to close the gap in the number and competence of people in the field of Turkish Accounting Standards (TAS) and Turkish Auditing Standards (TAS) in compliance with international financial reporting standards and international auditing standards required by the TCC (Turkish Commercial Code). In this framework, it is also aimed to provide competence and awareness to financial advisor professional member candidates who are trained as practitioners in the field of accounting and auditing.

In this context, the vision of the program is to provide an academic and applied education environment in accounting and auditing on a national and international platform. In realizing this vision, a curriculum has been planned to include traditional subjects that are fundamental in the field of accounting and auditing, but with the competence and diversity of courses that today's global world inevitably demands.

Accounting and Auditing Turkish Non-Thesis Master's Program consists of a total of three semesters of education with 10 courses and one semester of master's project work.

 The courses consist of compulsory courses and elective courses. Some of the courses are listed below:

 Required Courses

International Financial Reporting Standards

Cost Accounting

Research Methods and Scientific Ethics

International Standards on Auditing

 Elective Courses

Financial Statements and Analysis

Creative Accounting

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing

Turkish Tax System

Income and Corporate Taxes

Accounting Law

Taxes on Expenditures

Advanced Financial Accounting

Internal Control and Internal Audit

Tax Audit and Practices

Non-Thesis Master's Program students complete the Master's Term Project under the supervision of their advisors in the third semester. In this way, students enjoy the opportunity to gain experience in scientific research, analysis and writing. In the non-thesis program, in the relevant semester, students write their projects under the leadership of the term project advisor and complete all the necessary academic stages and defend their project in front of the project jury to be determined.

According to the Council of Higher Education Regulations, students in formal education programs are required to attend 70% of the courses.



Counting from the internship period of Independent Accountant Financial Advisor, providing priority in their applications to senior audit institutions, working as managers in the accounting and reporting departments of companies can be considered as advantages and potential job areas where our graduates of the accounting and auditing master's program can be potentially employed.



Applications are made by filling out the Graduate Programs Institute online application form. As far as the applications to the Accounting and Auditing Program are concerned, there are no restrictions regarding the fields the applicants may have completed their undergraduate education in.

The documents required for the applications are stated below:

  • Official Identification Documents (ID)
  • Passport Photo
  •  Undergraduate Diploma or Graduation Certificate (Graduation Certificates obtained through e-Government are also valid.)
  • Undergraduate Transcript (Transcript Certificates obtained through e-Government are also valid.)
  • Resume (CV)
  • A Military Service Certificate (Only mandatory for male candidates)

Only the applications of candidates who submit complete application documents are taken into consideration.



The courses are held at the Kavacık Building of Beykoz University Graduate Programs Institute between 19.00-21.45 on weekdays and 10.00-16.00 on Saturdays.

With the agreements that can be made between Beykoz University and institutions, a special program can be created only for the employees of the relevant institution who meet the above-mentioned admission requirements. In this case, the courses can be held partially or completely at a venue to be determined by the institution.



More detailed information about tuition fees and discounts can be found on the Beykoz University website.



Accounting and Auditing Without Thesis Program is carried out with a strong academic staff. The academic staff consists of young academicians who are well versed in current research topics in the field and experienced academicians who stand out in their fields. 



This content was updated on 14/01/2024.


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