Psychology (With/Without Thesis)


The Master's Program in Psychology is a graduate program that offers a more advanced education in the field of psychology. The aim of the Master's program in Psychology is to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and the latest developments in the subfields of psychology such as developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology; to help them gain skills in this field, to prepare them to apply the knowledge and skills gained, and finally, to conduct scientific research. Within the scope of this program, students have the opportunity to look into a subject related to any of the sub-branches of psychology they are interested in, therefore having more in-depth knowledge and as well as the necessary academic skills apart from gaining competence to conduct scientific studies and research in these fields.


Graduates of this program can work in state institutions and organizations such as schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, prisons, detention centers and private sector as expert psychologists.


Applications are made by filling out the online application form of the Institute of Graduate Programs.

Candidates with a bachelor's degree in psychology or guidance and psychological counseling can apply to the psychology master's program. During the evaluation process, a science exam and an interview are conducted. The dates of the science exam and interview are announced by the Graduate Programs Institute on a semester basis.

Program application documents are as follows:

  • Photocopy of an identity card
  • 1 photo
  • Undergraduate Diploma or Graduation Certificate (Graduation Certificates obtained through e-Government platform are valid)
  • Undergraduate Transcript (Transcript Certificates obtained through e-Government are valid)
  • ALES Certificate (for Thesis Program application)
  • CV
  • Letter of Intent
  • Military Service Certificate (for male candidates)


The duration of the Non-Thesis Master's Program is at least 2 semesters and at most 3 semesters. The Master's Program with Thesis is completed in a minimum of 4 semesters and a maximum of 6 semesters.


A master's program with thesis is completed to gain scientific proficiency in the chosen field. Candidates who prefer psychology master's program with thesis can continue their doctoral education if they meet the necessary conditions. The non-thesis master's program aims to provide the student with professional knowledge in the field of psychology and to show how to use their current knowledge in practice.


The duration of the master's program in Psychology with thesis is 2 years. The master's program with thesis consists of at least seven courses, a seminar course and thesis study, provided that a total of 120 ECTS (30 ECTS per semester) is completed. The compulsory courses of the program are Research Methods in Psychology and Advanced Selected Topics in Cognitive Psychology in the first semester, and Advanced Selected Topics in Developmental Psychology and Advanced Selected Topics in Social Psychology in the second semester. Students are required to take 3 elective courses in the first semester to complete their credits. In the second semester, students are required to take a seminar course. After this stage, students are required to write a master's thesis under the supervision of their advisors.

In the Non-Thesis Master's Program, students take 10 courses consisting of a total of 90 ECTS, at least 30 ECTS in each semester, and a term project.  In the first semester, students take Research Methods in Psychology, Advanced Selected Topics in Cognitive Psychology and Philosophy of Science as compulsory and 2 elective courses. In the second semester, students take Statistics in Psychology, Advanced Selected Topics in Developmental Psychology, Advanced Selected Topics in Social Psychology and Selected Topics in Experimental Psychology as compulsory courses and one elective course. Students enrolled in the non-thesis master's program must complete the Master's Term Project under the supervision of the advisor in the third semester. In this way, students gain an important experience in conducting scientific research.

In accordance with the Higher Education Council of Higher Education Regulations, students studying in formal education programs are obliged to attend 70% of the courses. The language of instruction in the program is Turkish.

The degree earned upon graduation from the Psychology Master's Program is the Master's Degree.


The courses are held at the Kavacık Building of Beykoz University Graduate Programs Institute between 9.00-17.00 on weekdays.


Click here for detailed information about tuition fees and payment terms.


The Master's Program in Psychology is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Zeynep Hamamcı with a strong academic staff. The academic staff consists of experienced academics who have a good command of the current research topics of the field.

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